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Esther Fatima Lonfo

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Esther Fatima Lonfo is a single mother of three(3). My oldest daughter 30, is preparing her Doctorate in ABA and currently working as behavior analyst with PBS Corp. My 28 years old son, finishing college, and my youngest 21 years old is on her 3rd year of college. Esther is a proud mother. She is currently a Banker, Registered Behavior Therapist, Realtor, a fashion designer, French translator, and above all, a missionary and an Evangelist, Minister, teacher of the Gospel.

Esther was born on July 14, 1962 in Ivory Coast, West Africa to a Muslim Priest father(Imam). She was part of a family consisting of one mother, 4 steps mothers, 27 children, more than 58 grand children and 6 great grand children who all are still alive by the grace of God. Esther was the only one that was separated from her parents and siblings, at 18 months of age, and was sent to her grandmother in another country call Burkina Faso, in a very poor village where she lived for 4 years. She suffered with sickness and diseases, abuses and rejections on her early age.

While in Africa, after she came back to the big city Abidjan, Esther later went on to graduate from Business school with the help of her adoptive French parents “the Redelberg” from France. She then went on to working for Air Afrique, an airline company for 22 years before moving to the United States 17 years ago. Esther was raised Muslim in a large family of more than 100 people. She gave her life to the Lord at the age of 30 led by Pastor Samy Asiedu. Due to much persecution following her conversion to Christianity and, because of some troubles in her country, she moved to the U.S. with her 3 children. Her goal was to protect and give them a bright future and a new start for a great life for herself.

Esther has owned several businesses and was even honored at the Nasdaq as well as a guess speaker, for 4 different occasions, at the United Nations in 2004-2005 where she was the winner of the New York Micro-Entrepreneur Award. 

Esther was ordained in North Carolina as an Evangelist/Minister of the Gospel on June 3rd of 2012 under the spiritual guidance of Pastor Dennis Davis, Founder of Cornerstone Church. She has now relocated to Florida since June 2012.

Her Accomplishments include among others: a children special need Counselor, business owner,  Greeter, & French Translator and interpreter in one of the largest churches in TX New Beginnings Church. She has also been a cell-group leader, Intercessor, Bible study teacher, Preacher, counselor, Women conference guest speaker, TCT network guest speaker and above all an Evangelist/Minister of the Gospel.

She was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit since 1992, few months after her conversion. In 2011, she took a trip to Israel where she was blessed for being baptized again in the Jordan River; there she enjoyed seeing the bible come to life.

Esther is passionate about EVANGELISM, reaching people for Christ with the Gospel, PRAYING with people for healing and spiritual grow, counseling, and helping people in any way she can. She IS NOT PERFECT but Esther has a vision of becoming a missionary for Christ to help people in need everywhere around the world. She has the boldness and the courage of the Queen Esther in the bible. She is a risk taker and has bulldog faith and many talents. She is a hard worker who always has big dreams and visions. Esther is full of determination to succeed in life while reaching the high call in Christ Jesus.

Esther is a living testimony of the Goodness, amazing Grace, and the Favor of God. She is a living miracle of God. Her strength is her faith in PRAYER, Fasting and studying the Word, always seeking to hear from God and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the promise in John 14-12. Some of her favorite scriptures are Matthew 6-33; Jeremiah 1-5; Philippians 4-13; Romans 8-28 ; Psalms 118-17; Hebrews 11-1 & 6. John 14-12, Ephesians 1-17, Romans 10-9. Esther strongly believes that she’s the Joseph of her family. One of the big miracle is: From a Muslim Priest daughter to a Minister of the Gospel. Glory to God.

Now as the Founder of Evangelistic Tabernacle of Prayer Outreach Inc., she has a vision that God has laid on her heart that she’s taking by faith. Today The Ministry is celebrating its third year anniversary and it looking forward for many more to come.

She recently, on January 17, 2017, celebrated her 25th year as a born-again Christian since she converted from the Muslin faith.

She’s a God fearing woman and she loves the Lord Jesus, her Lord and Savior to whom she gives All the Honor and Glory. Amen!

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